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Salvatore Ferragamo To Make Amphorae Wines In Il Borro

Salvatore Ferragamo, grandson of the acclaimed fashion legend of the same identify, is attempting his hand at making amphorae wines made from Sangiovese and Chardonnay at his estate in Il Borro in Italy.

Salvatore Ferragamo holding a bottle of his wine, Il Borro, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot, in entrance of a Salvatore Ferragamo shop in Hong Kong

Talking at an event hosted by its importer Watson’s Wine immediately, the younger Ferragamo, revealed that he’s making an amphorae wine with Sangiovese with the skins saved in contact with the clay vessel for one 12 months, mimicking the standard model of winemaking generally found in Georgia.

“Unlike French oak, amphorae doesn’t give the wine notes of tobacco or spices, it focuses extra on the fruit notes of the wine,he explains, adding that the inherent construction of the amphorae he is utilizing allows wine to have ‘subtlecontact with oxygen, giving it a different character, which is something that he is desperate to discover.

The clay is sourced domestically and is made by a local amphorae maker in Italy. It’s not unusual to see wineries in northern Italy making amphorae wines.

Named ‘Petruna the red wine only produces 3,000 bottles a yr and made its debut in 2015. Expanding on the topic, Ferragamo added that he is experimenting with “a secret project which is making a Chardonnay with the identical method.

Jokingly describing himself as “the farmer of the family completely different from other family members who followed patriarch Ferragmo’s footsteps into the glamourous vogue industry, the youthful Ferragamo dipped his toes in wine trade at an early age.

In 1993, the family has purchased a property in Il Borro in Tuscany, roughly forty five minutesdrive from Florence, and turned it right into a luxurious leisure complicated, Il Borro, with forty five hectares underneath vine.

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Tasked with the agricultural facet of the family business, he said, “I have one twin brother. He likes fashion, and i like wine, so it worked out completely,expanding that for any members of the family who want to hitch Ferragamo empire, she or he should have a college degree, an MBA and three years of working experience outside of the group.

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