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Vancouver Fashion Blog: Thrift Buying Haul

I have not been thrifting ever since I did the wonderful Thrift Chic Challenge for Eco Trend Week 06.

Ferragamo Fara Shoulder Handbags BlackSince I needed to fashion 15 outfits with $500 from Worth Village, secure to say I’ve had sufficient thrifting to last me awhile.

But I miss it dearly!
Yesterday, I was lastly reunited with the joys of the hunt.

Here are the amazing goodies I found. It does not damage when you’re in the corporate of fine company both. The fringe benefit to working with a photographer who also loves to thrift.

We went to the Crossroads Hospice Society Thrift Store first.
The costs there are amazing! Requires a little more digging and a knee eye, however that is actually the enjoyable of it all.

Sequin is all the trend lately, crossing over from evening to day, displaying up in all varieties and configurations. When one takes the form of a golden butterfly ferragamo belt royal blue in pristine condition for under $10.00 I’m sure by responsibility to not say no.

The next treasures are fairly a surprise to me.
They are button covers!

Which we don’t see anymore nowadays. And I need to ask why Why not have one thing that may be snapped on and off a shirt and instantly make it wonderful I’m glad I took possession of these beauties for $3.00 a set! A SET!

We journeyed onwards to a few completely different Worth Villages in Coquitlam.
They really do not make things like it was anymore. Thank goodness for thrift stores for my quality costume jewellery repair. Now if solely I can discover a Chanel pin…

I also purchased some nick knacks I do not normally gravitate to.
But currently, I have been wanting to stimulate my mind and hand by the great ol’ ways.

My most prized treasure from this searching journey would have to be these superb Salvatore Ferragamo loafers.

Aren’t they superb! In near mint situation.
Please do attempt thrifting ferragamo belt royal blue if you have not already, I can be writing a guide for everyone within the close to future as properly.

July 1st can be the 50% sale for all of the US areas! Joyful searching weekend.

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