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Ferragamo Miss Vara Clutch Wallet Review – Happy Pursuits

I love multi-purposeful luggage. To me, a versatile bag with multiple uses / appears do ferragamo belts have bar codes make the cost of the bag extra justifiable. I have wanted a wallet on a series for a while and narrowed it all the way down to Ferragamo Miss Vara Clutch wallet and the Prada wallet on a chain. Since my brother was in Florence for a college trip, had to take advantage of the nice US to Euro alternate fee and the VAT returns!

Ferragamo Elastic Ballet Flat Rose

My brother sent me numerous footage of the color options and we selected the black, gold trimmed clutch wallet. (Be aware: T-Cellular customers, text and knowledge are free in Italy!) Sadly once I saw the wallet, the gold trimming was too “much”. I ended up exchanging for the standard clutch wallet in a Ferragamo retailer in the US. That is more of an on a regular basis, informal bag that’s basic and that i can see myself utilizing when I’m 50 years previous (although I hope that day takes its candy time to come).

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